What my customers say about me:


A client contact who works for a large cloud storage provider:

“Claudia is an exceptionally talented translator and reviewer.  Her ability to take source content and adapt it with creativity, so that it reads as if it had been written in German for a specific target market, is really a wonderful skill. It is not an easy thing to do and there are many translators and reviewers who believe they are able to render translations creatively but Claudia is at a different level.
She is very engaging to work with, able to be easy going but extremely professional. I think the difference is that Claudia genuinely cares. She’s invested personally and that level of attention to detail makes all the difference.  Claudia is a pleasure to work with!”


A fellow translator who reviewed my work for the end client, a large cloud storage and online app provider:

“Hallo Claudia,
ich bin mir fast sicher, dass direkte E-Mails zwischen Reviewer und Translator nicht üblich sind, aber ich habe das von Ihnen übersetzte Riesenprojekt (30.000) Wörter als Reviewer geprüft und möchte mich nur kurz für die exzellente, sehr professionelle Arbeit bedanken. Ich habe zwar hier und da etwas geändert, aber richtige Fehler habe ich kaum gefunden.
Also, nochmals vielen Dank für die gute Arbeit.”

“Hi Claudia,
I’m almost certain that direct emails between reviewer and translator are not commonplace, but I reviewed the large project (30,000 words) you translated and just wanted to thank you for the excellent, very professional job you did.
I changed a few bits and pieces but hardly found any genuine mistakes.
So, again, thank you very much for your good work.”)


A colleague who asked me to translate an IT-related whitepaper for his end client:

“Hallo Claudia,
ich wollte dich nur wissen lassen, dass der Kunde sehr zufrieden war mit der Whitepaper-Übersetzung von letzter Woche (Zitat: ‚The quality of the translation was again excellent. I have just a few changes.‘).
Vielen Dank also für die gute Hilfe.”

“Hi Claudia,
I just wanted to let you know that the client was very happy with the whitepaper translation from last week (I quote: ‘The quality of the translation was again excellent. I have just a few changes.’).
So many thanks for your great help.”)


You can find more feedback about my work on my LinkedIn page.