The Soaring Engine

When I am not translating, I am flying gliders. I started gliding while at university in Germany and joined a new club pretty much immediately after moving to the UK. At the weekends I can often be found in the back of a two-seater as a volunteer instructor at my local gliding club. When not instructing I enjoy cross-country flying, in particular cross-country coaching and competition flying. I’ve had a top-ten placing in three Women’s World Gliding Championships, most recently in the Women’s Worlds at Lake Keepit, Australia, in January 2020.

On a rainy day during a Club Class National Championship we were both competing in, G Dale, himself a member of the British Gliding Team and 2019 Club Class Silver Medallist in the European Championship, and I got talking about a possible German translation of The Soaring Engine, a series of textbooks on cross-country gliding he has written – and in 2018 I finished the translation of the first volume.

The Soaring Engine Band 1 - ISBN 978-0-9928270-3-8

The Soaring Engine series explains how the sun, wind and terrain combine to produce rising air for the soaring pilot to exploit.

In the first volume you will see how the wind flows over and around hills, ridges and mountains, how thermals form and evolve, the patterns that ridge and thermal activity create in the air and how to use the lift produced both in flat terrain and in mountains.

Illustrated with clear simple diagrams, this book is a primer for soaring pilots flying anything from a paraglider to high performance sailplanes.

The German version of G Dale’s “The Soaring Engine Vol 1: Ridge Thermal Flatland Mountain”, called “The Soaring Engine Band 1: Hang-, Thermik- und Gebirgssegelflug”, (ISBN 978-0-9928270-3-8) can be ordered from

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…or read the following review by long-standing member of the German national gliding team, Georg Theisinger, published in Segelfliegen Magazin in January 2019:

The Soaring Engine Review, Segelfliegen Magazin, January 2019